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Whilst everyone wants a unique website to showcase their business, brand, ideas or products, there are certain trends that may be seen over the years when it comes to web design. 2019 is no exception when it comes to design trends and so in our latest blog post, we’re going to be delving into some of the most common design elements seen throughout the year so far.


It is important that a website has clear readability to ensure that your message may be easily conveyed to your target audience. However, so far, 2019 has seen many people turn towards bold serifs for various parts of website copy. There’s no denying that many people still love sans serifs, but even the likes of Mail Chimp use serifs to create a cheerful brand appearance.


The colour palette you choose for your website is often dictated by the colours of an already established brand or logo. However, many people are now turning to a monochrome palette to give their website a clean-line feel. Splashes of colour, against a black and white backdrop, to direct a users attention are also said to be big news in 2019, providing a welcome break of colour to a website, ensuring it remains just as eye-catching as those with bright colours.

Layout and Shapes

Websites are often built with geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles, lending them themselves to the shape of our computer and phone screens and neatly compacting information in one place. However, 2019 is set to continue to see the popularity of more natural structures and shapes on websites, appealing to the feeling of comfort and ease, as opposed to strict shapes and lines.

Chat Bots

Chatbots are becoming more and more advanced as time goes on, making the users’ experience more efficient and effective. Chatbots used to typically show up on online forms or applications to help guide you through the process. However, they are also regularly showing up on e-commerce websites and booking sites to provide people with a quick answer to their question and help them complete their transaction – benefiting the user and the company.

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