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As you walk into a shop, browse the web or even walk down the street, you’re likely to see a wide range of things that have required the skills of a graphic designer. The talented team at Nettl:MK, have been creating bespoke graphic designs for many years and in today’s blog post, we discuss the importance of graphic design in various sectors.

Brand Identity

Whatever industry sector a business is involved in, having a strong brand identity is required to ensure that customers can easily recognise a company, amongst their competitors. The skills of a graphic designer are used to create logos, signage, branding a much more, and these skills become invaluable to a company that needs to a establish a form brand identity.

Of course, when you use the skills of a graphic designer, you are able to harness designs that have longevity. Think about the logos of brands that have been successfully trading for many years – as soon as you see them, you are able to recall the brand they are associated with. Professional graphic design provides you with an edge over your competitors and forms a relationship between the customer and your brand that serves to boost trust and repeat custom.

Graphic designs have a multi-functional purpose and not only serve to boost relationships between a customer and a business. In fact, companies that have many employees often find that graphic design can help unify a company and ensure every staff member is working with a common goal in mind. Publications that get sent out to staff members, graphics on uniforms, till points and in staff areas can create a common identity that encourages professionalism and create a united workforce.


As well as securing a strong brand identity and helping a business stand out in a competitive market, graphic design may also be used for purely functional purposes. Professionally designed graphics can enhance the readability of content on a page. Additionally, the typefaces, colours and images chosen will be selected in order to grab a users attention, whilst remaining in-line with a company’s aesthetic.


Our dedicated team have worked with businesses in various sectors, helping them to become well-established in their niche. If you require the help of a professional graphic designer, please contact our dedicated team. Call 01908 048 732 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.