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Graphic design has been around since the development of the printing press in 1440. However, drawings and visual communication can be found as far back as the caveman times.

In the latest post from Nettl:MK, we discuss the history of graphic design, showcasing just how long this design form has been around.

So where did it all begin? Well, drawings from cavemen have been discovered dating back to 38,000 BCE. Whilst there is much debate over whether these pieces of art were meant to communicate with each other or the Gods, there is no denying that mankind has always had a penchant to tell a story through a visual medium.

Some of the earliest languages that we know of used icons to represent entire words, rather than sounds. This discovery may be seen to represent humans natural ability to use visual graphics to relay complex ideas and information.

The First Discovered Logos

Unsurprisingly, it was the printing industry in the late 1400s that began using logos to brand their work – the quality of the logo was a sign for the quality of everything else printed under that brand. Continued technological advancements eventually led to the use of colour or chromolithography in advertising, helping advertisers build a connection with their audience and relay messages in a clearer fashion.

The First Graphic Design Agency

Of course, with more and more companies beginning to see the benefits of advertising and graphic design, it wasn’t too long before the first graphic design agency was founded. The Wiener Werkstätte (translated to Vienna Workshop) was opened in 1903 and employed several creatives including architects and painters.

Nettl:MK – Graphic Design Agency

Since 1903, more and more advancements have continued to be made in this industry, including leaps and bounds in the technology used.

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