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Whether you’re a budding graphic designer or an already established professional, there are a few names you simply must be aware of. Graphic design is not just employed when designing a new website, it is used for movie promotions, internationally recognised logos, album covers, advertisements, signage and more. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the designers behind some of the worlds most recognised designs.

Rob Janoff

Apple, a trillion-dollar, multinational company that sells computer electronics, software and online services. We can all instantly recognise the Apple logo and it was Rob Janoff that was behind its creation.

Simplicity is at the heart of the logo design and says the bite taken out of it was to add personality. It turns out the fact that “bite” is also a computer term was a happy accident.

Chip Kidd

Jurassic Park – one of the most instantly recognisable movie logos, used on the movie poster and as the logo for the park in the film. The logo was designed by Chip Kidd who has worked alongside writers such as James Elroy. When discussing the design of the logo, Kidd said “When trying to recreate one of these creatures, all anyone has to go on is bones, right? So that was the starting point…”.

Massimo Vignelli

The designs of Massimo Vignelli live on, despite his passing in 2014. One of the most prominent designs was that of the New York subway. Together with his business partner, Bob Noorda, Vignelli completely transformed the mismatched styles and overload of information presented in the underground. The goal was to make the underground easy to navigate for native New Yorkers and tourists alike. He took out unnecessary information in order to present instructions in a clear manner, without overcomplication.

Vignelli has also worked with Bloomingdales, Ford, IBM, Saks, American Airlines and many other well-known companies.


So, now you know the names behind some of the most well-known designs.

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