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Flyering is one of the original marketing methods, but is it still as effective in today’s digital world? Well, we think so! In our latest post, we’ll be discussing some of the top reasons flyering could still work for your business.


Any investment in marketing is going to cost you something. Flyering is one of the least expensive marketing options, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of businesses, no matter what stage of growth they are at.

Targeted Distribution

In the past, it may have been the case that you would simply have your flyers delivered through every door in a specific area and hoped for the best. However, now, there are many companies out there that specialise in targeted leaflet distribution. Some specialised leaflet companies can provide you with socio-demographic information in order to tailor who your leaflet ends up in front of for maximum return on investment.

Catch Your Customers’ Eye

There’s no denying that we are in a digital age, so creating and maintaining a strong online presence is important. With flyers, however, you aren’t waiting for someone to click through to your website, you’re actively putting your business in front of them. Flyers can come in a variety of sizes, with graphics and fronts tailored to your business image, so there’s no concern of interrupting your brand image.

Nettl:MK – Graphic Design for Flyers

Here at Nettl:MK, our team of dedicated graphic designers have created tailored promotional for a number of years, helping to give you the most return on investment.

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