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If you’ve decided to have your current website redesigned or are investing in a website for the first time in a bid to help you attract more customers, we’ve put together some of the considerations for you to decide on to help you on your way.

Aesthetics Vs Practicality

Whilst everyone wants their website to be aesthetically pleasing, you can sometimes fall into the trap of including a variety of bells and whistles that don’t serve to assist a user on their journey around the site or help you achieve the objectives you would like to with the site.

In order to ensure that you strike the right balance between visual appeal and function, try considering the following:

1. What data you have to make data-driven decisions on the build of your new website, rather than decisions based on personal preference
2. What the objectives are for building the site – ie. increased sales, an online presence, a source of information etc
3. Will you want to undertake SEO? If so, make sure the site is built with this in mind or you may end up needing costly changes made to the site
4. What is necessary and what isn’t. Adding spinning logos and sliding panels may seem like a good idea, but if they don’t help you achieve your main objectives, what exactly are they adding? Be cautious of over-complicating the design.

Managing the Project

Whilst the words “project management” probably won’t fill you with excitement, it is vital that you have a clear strategy in place, with set milestones to achieve at each stage so the project doesn’t fall behind.


Just like any project, communication when building a website is key. If necessary, make sure that you keep relevant internal stakeholders up to date as you don’t want the project to get to its final stages and be put back to square one.


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